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Are you tired of the complexities of managing your bachelor mess expenses? Look no further! Mess Khata, a revolutionary cloud-based application developed by the LogicPlus IT department, is here to transform the way you handle your mess calculations. This user-friendly and customizable tool is designed specifically for bachelor mess members worldwide, offering a seamless and efficient solution to meal planning, expense tracking, and overall mess management.

Mess Khata Web Application: Your Guide to the Pioneer Mess Management Tool in Bangladesh

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Access free services lifetime

One year Free Package

0 365 Days
  • 1-150 mess members
  • Package Lifetime: One year
  • Renewal cost: 1500.00 BDT every one year

Explore Package

500 30 Days
  • Maximum Member Capacity: 300
  • Monthly Charge: 500 BDT


What My Clients Saying

Mess Khata is a top-notch web application that has revolutionized my mess management experience.  The user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it a pleasure to use, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an efficient solution for managing their mess activities.

Service in Dhaka

Since 2015, I have faced various problems at my mess, including issues with maintaining order in the bazar, managing entries and meals, and reconciling accounts at the end of the month. However, all these troubles have been resolved ever since my mess started using Mess khata.

BBA, Student, Rajshahi University, Rajshahi

I believe that creativity is key in unlocking new ideas and approaches to challenges. The Mess application is a testament to this belief, as it offers a fresh and creative solution to managing mess. It's exciting to introduce such a creative approach in my mess.

Clearing & Forwarding Agents, Dhaka


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